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Board Games Design

With a decade of games design experience and many published titles in my portfolio I can design a game to fit a bespoke brief or you may licence one of my existing. I specialise in light to medium weight games that can be enjoyed by casual gamers and non-gamers. I am open to taking on projects outside of my usual range. I can design to a preferred target audience, theme, mechanic or aesthetic. You set the boundaries and I will work within them. Contact me to discuss having a game designed to fit a specific brief or if you are interested in anything from my portfolio.



Board Game Developement

If you have a board game project that that you are struggling to realise or that just needs a little polish then it probably needs an outsider to develop it. Possibly it needs some further innovation to separate it from the crowd or maybe you’ve reached a sticking point that you can’t get past. It may only need proofing, test playing, balancing or just a professional eye. I offer all of these are services. Contact me to discuss how to advance your project.


Board Game Design Workshop

I provide games design workshops that take students from novice to games designer over 10 interactive one-hour sessions. These sessions can be delivered in person or remotely and cover topics like 'The Use of Themes in Boardgames', 'Mechanics', 'The Development Cycle' and many more. The course of the workshop steers students in the development of their own unique board game and culminates in a session on how to approach publishing. Contact me if you’d like to discuss me delivering a workshop or the provision of training material for your own workshop.

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